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Essay: Slash Rules

Almost from the time the Harry Potter books were published, readers have discussed sexual themes in the books and written “slash” fanfiction featuring same-sex relationships, whether two or more male characters or two or more female characters. One reason these writers often cite for representing Harry specifically as queer in slash stories is the queer-friendly subtext in the books. Technically JK Rowling has written Harry as someone who likes girls, so much so that, in Half-Blood Prince, he’s glad that Ron, his best friend, doesn’t know about the fantasies he’s having about Ron’s sister. But while Rowling didn’t write a literally queer Harry, she used queer metaphors in reference to him and many other characters. Due to this pervasive sympathy for the Metaphorical Queer, finding a queer-friendly subtext isn’t difficult. Unlike ethnic minorities, born into families in which everyone has the same background, sexual minorities are similar to Muggle-born wizards because they have an attri…

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Essay: Hail the Conquering Liminal Being

In previous blog posts (start with TheWise Old Man Archetype), I’ve written about six major archetypes in the Harry Potter series that can be called either male or female, regardless of the gender of the character embodying the archetype. Each archetype also aligns with youth, middle age or old age, the stages of a complete life. The Maiden, Mother, Crone, Youth, Father, and Wise Old Man recur in tales from around the world. Other minor archetypes can also illuminate the Harry Potter books, but these six and the seventh are the most prominent because one rules each of the books in the series.
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – ruled by the Wise Old Man Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – ruled by the Maiden Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban – ruled by the Mother Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – ruled by the Father Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – ruled by the Crone Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – ruled by the Youth Harry Potter and the Deathly Ha…